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Great River Sportsman

About Us

You belong here. We will connect you not only to nature, but to our community.

We Are So Much More Than a Store…

Stop in. Enjoy a cup of coffee. Sit down in front of the fireplace and chat.

Are you interested in learning more about a technique in fishing? Or how to avoid spooking deer? Or how to start a campfire with wet wood?

Whatever your curiosity, our helpful staff will explore it with you and get you equipped with everything you need. There’s nothing worse than being caught with inadequate tools when you’re trying to connect with nature.

It’s no accident that the store is nestled along a 250 mile stretch of Great River Road. This scenic highway captures nature-lovers and entices them to slow down and enjoy the ride. Great River Sportsman will help you do just that.

Our Founders

Lon and Becky Spooner became smitten with the little town of Cassville the moment they arrived. The lure of the river inspired them to open Great River Sportsman in 2015 with a goal of showcasing the treasure the community of Cassville has to offer.