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Garden Tips & Tricks

Paw Prints in Sand

Pet Owners Plant Guide

Keep your plants and pets safe

Green Hummingbird

The Perfect Pair

Bird and Plant Pairing Info Card

Congratulations on your New Plant!
Here are some helpful tips for after purchase 

Water all plants well before the ground

freezes in the fall


Dig a hole twice as wide the container and the same depth


Add soil amendments such as peat moss, compost, manure, to the soil you removed


Remove from pot and fluff the roots


Backfill with good soil mix halfway around roots and water with starter fertilizer


Fill the hole the rest of the way and water it well, if needed

Mulch & Soil

Know before you grow!

Here are some hints of the mulch and soil we carry.

Grab some mulch and soil at Great River Sportsman

for continuous year round care for your yard and garden


Cypress Gold

Plant growth

Water absorption

Conserves moister evenly 

photo aug 29 2023, 1 08 02 pm.jpg

Manure & Compost

Natural, Organic


Gold Mulch

Consistent Color

Weed preventer

photo aug 29 2023, 1 08 02 pm.jpg

Top Soil

Patching Holes

Lawn Top Dressing



Black & Brown

Prevents weeds, 30% less water use, Year long color, Fine medium texture

photo aug 29 2023, 1 08 02 pm.jpg

Peat Moss & Potting Soil

Prefect for gardens or container plants



Get the Look

Stop in and grab the look!

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